The Team S.A.R.S



Call Sign

Contact Details

Anselmo Q. Cerdiño Uncle 09175886858/ 09102272757
Jude Law Cerdiño maskiano classified
Alvin Azotea butog 09164473309
Rey Nieto lafituza 09158043924
Archie Rubios chip 09174102611
Leandro Marr G. Boncay taonggubat 0920*******
Arvin Tan freek  
Richard Imperial mentor  
Heil Adolf Hitosis LOSTWARRIOR 09159044307
Rey Taduran JR  
John Rommel de la Torre galog  
Andrew Taduran droids  
Jay Luna  Jay  
Mark Arron Resado V sfy  
Albert Palacpac  malmon1911A1  
Noel Letada Tadz  
Russel Torella  Russel  
Joseph Glenn Austero StormtroopR 09062601599/
Leonel Laya Δ delta Δ 09275493303
Lenard GIl Alcazar t1028 09054140732
John Norvin Boncalos Nivron  
Tirso Indico Bunso  
Jobert Bataller jb  
Christian Manuel G. Alzaga Bourne  
Bayder Teodoro G. Alzaga    
Andrew Martin G. Alzaga     Spex  
Franz Roden G. Alzaga  SnakeEyes  
Mark Joseph Azucena Moi  
Miguel Anthony  O. Haspela Tail Scout  
Joseph Erik Corral Wert  
John David Narido Davz  
Jezreil Macario Jez  
Paul Michael Del Rosario GL8CK  
Camilo Cams  
 Jared Denoy Pappy  

Lady Operatives/ Honorary Members

Yona Isabel A. Espinosa BloodCountess  
Zarra Cellona    
Marrion Raposa    
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